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Mission Statement: “Establishing the home as the primary place where faith is lived and nurtured.”

What might it mean to you to enhance the faith growth of thousands of people around the world; to impact generations to come; and to strengthen the church?

According to the Barna Group, “More than 90% of ‘Christian households’ do not pray, read the Bible or engage in any type of family devotions or faith talk.” As a result young adults, who once attended Christian Sunday school and youth ministry programs, are walking away from the faith at an alarming rate.

As a supporter of Faith@Home ministries you are helping to shape today’s culture by impacting the lives of individuals, families and churches across the globe. What might it mean to be a person who helps influence a person’s life; a family’s life; a church’s life; to be “generationally strong” for Christ? By becoming a “Friend of Faith@Home”, you can have this influence – you can make this difference! As we celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Faith@Home, please join in supporting this powerful ministry movement.

  • “I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Rev. Mark Holmen in various capacities over the past several years. As a former Senior Pastor, Mark has the unique ability to speak to pastors from a place of authenticity. I appreciate his vision for helping families take a proactive, intentional approach to teaching their kids the principles of biblical faith. The Faith@Home strategy provides a solid framework for churches and families around the world who are seeking effective ways to pass on a spiritual legacy to the next generation. I’m pleased to call Mark a friend and wholeheartedly recommend his work”

    Jim Daly | Executive Director of Focus On The Family

  • “It is with great ease I write about a gifted leader and communicator.  Mark Holmen uniquely blends ministry with creativity, passion and commitment.  Watching Mark over the last few years, I have seen him completely sell out to follow God’s direction with his Faith@Home ministry.  Few people would spend countless hours sitting on planes, in airports, and away from home to see others capture the intent of God’s heart.  Mark travels all over the globe with the message that easily translates to other cultures and helps churches and families make a significant difference.  I would highly recommend Mark’s work to you as some people are visionaries, some are implementers, and Mark possesses both attributes.” 

    Ron Hunter | Executive Director and CEO of Randall House Publishing

  • “Every generation benefits from leaders who challenge it to excellence.  Mark’s life experiences have equipped him to be a insightful leader who calls people to action.  His message is powerful and simple:  We need more “faith at home”.  I hope to hear Mark proclaim this message for many years to come.  I thoroughly endorse and support him in his vision to establish “faith at home” in household around the world!”    

    Ken Canfield, Ph.D. | Founder, National Center for Fathering

  • It has been fascinating to see how key influencers from several denominations responded to Mark’s message so passionately.  A dynamic influential leader called and begged to get more information or a recording because “everybody was calling saying ‘you should have been there’.  The principles Mark taught have been added to the topics being addressed at seminars, summer conferences and denominational gatherings.  We love to watch how ideas take hold and spread and it is exciting to see how Mark’s teaching struck a chord with the leaders in attendance.”  

    Hans Forrer | Willow Creek Association, Sweden

  • “We are fully endorsing your Faith@Home strategy.  Your presentations and ministry ideas have been one of the highest rated events we have had anywhere.  Whatever we can do to expand this program around the globe, we will do it. “  

    Gary Schwammlein | International Director of the Willow Creek Association

  • “Mark Holmen is able to help church leaders convert good intentions into good practices.  This is not theory, it is a hands-on solution to the challenges pastors and church leaders face in these trying times, all consistent with biblical principles and tested in the real world.”  

    George Barna | CEO of the Barna Group

  • “Pastor Holmen connects personal story, family practice of faith and biblical plan and direction to the home.  He challenges senior pastors and congregations to move into partnership with the home as the primary place to nurture faith!” 

    Dr. Dick Hardel | Former Director of the Youth & Family Institute

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We are excited with what God has done and continues to do through the messaging of building faith in the home! We are just hitting our five-year anniversary and are constantly amazed by the creativity and joy we have found in those who have partnered with us through resource-building, conference hosting, and idea generation. Faith@Home churches are thriving, and parents, grand-parents, aunts and uncles are finding new ways to connect as a family around their faith in God. It has been a true journey of joy and we can’t wait for our next steps!

Over the past 5 years, Faith@Home Ministries has been used by God to…

Launch a National Movement
Hundreds of U.S. churches have been motivated and equipped to develop and implement intentional faith at home practices and strategies in their churches. Through partnerships with the Willow Creek Association, Focus On The Family, Awana, David C. Cook, D6 and others, Faith@Home Ministries has been able to connect with 5000+ church leaders per year!


Launch a Canadian Movement…
Hundreds of Canadian churches have begun implementing intentional faith at home practices and strategies and the movement has grown to the place that it is supported by an in-country missionary, leading a self-sustaining ministry. Details on this thriving Faith@Home Canadian branch can be found at


Introduce Faith@Home Internationally…
Through international tours, hundreds of church leaders and thousands of parents have been introduced to the foundational principles of faith at home in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa and the Netherlands.


Develop Effective Resources…
Eleven books have been published: seven for parents; one for grandparents and three for church leaders – as well as a very successful Faith@Home prayer app with over 2500 users! These vital resources have also been translated into six languages!


Move a Generation…
Preaching and seminars by Pastor Mark Holmen have motivated and equipped tens of thousands of parents to establish prayer, blessings, Bible reading, faith talk, service, boundaries, positive affirmation and family mission statements in their homes. On average, Faith@Home Ministries has reached over 20,000 parents per year – impacting this generation and all generations that follow!


We are excited about what God is planning for Faith@Home. We have developed a five-year strategic plan which will guide our steps forward together, as we seek to go DEEPER and WIDER in our calling to partner with churches and households around the world to establish the home as the primary place where faith is lived and nurtured. This is an ambitious plan that is built on the foundation of the past five years and we are ready to roll!

With your help, Faith@Home Ministries will be used by God to . . .

Go DEEPER Through an Online Church Leader Networking Hub
Plans are in development to establish a growing online network of Faith@Home focused churches that are connected to one another for ongoing training, resource sharing and support. Our goal is to build a church network that will engage and serve over 1000 churches worldwide!


Go DEEPER Through Research
A FaithLife survey is being launched that will help churches assess the attitudes, behaviors and desires of their people as it relates to faith life in the home. Our goal is to engage over 500 churches in using the FaithLife church survey and to develop resources that will showcase the findings!


Go WIDER Through a Regional Strategy
Should financial resources permit, Faith@Home regions will be created with regional champions and model churches that will reach and engage more churches in building church wide Faith@Home strategies. Our goal is to establish 30 Faith@Home regions across the US and Canada.


Go DEEPER & WIDER Internationally
Our goal is to establish thriving and sustainable Faith@Home movements with model churches and ‘in country’ missionaries in Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, and Australia. We will also remain open to spreading the Faith@Home movement to other countries as the Lord opens doors for us to do so.


Go DEEPER Through an Online Parent & Grandparent Network
Develop an online Faith@Home Parent and Grandparent Network where parents and grandparents can receive ongoing training and support as well as best practice ideas and resources! Our goal is to build a network with online channels that will serve over 5000 parents and 1000 grandparents.

Faith@Home Global Outreach


“Hear O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

Deuteronomy 6:4-7